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//June breached

The GDS asks users to reset their passwords for The Government Digital [...]

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encryption tools the NSA couldn’t crack

New documents reveal which encryption tools the NSA couldn't crack Thanks to Edward [...]

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Target : $18.5 Million Dollar Settlement

Target Reaches $18.5 Million Dollar Settlement in Data Breach with States By Wynter Deagle & Cynthia [...]

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Documenten over mega handelsakkoord Japan-EU op straat

Al vier jaar voeren Japan en de Europese Unie gesprekken over een mega [...]

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EU proposes mandatory end-to-end encryption for all citizens

The proposal contradicts the UK government's stance on communication encryption A European Parliament [...]

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Marketing firm leaks 200m US citizens’ personal data

The exposed database includes personal information, as well as political preferences and religious [...]

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Avoiding these mistakes could save your organisation money, time and reputation

The threat landscape is changing with criminals targeting financial targets such as banks, [...]

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Safeguard Patient Health Information

HIPAA Check-up: Your Obligations to Safeguard Third-Party Patient Health Information in medical records [...]

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