Equifax data leak could involve 143 million consumers

Data leaks have become so commonplace that it’s incredibly easy to become numb [...]

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Wikileaks releases Macron’s team’s emails

More than 70,000 emails sent and received by the French President are available [...]

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DLA Piper’s Cyber Attack and Why It Matters

DLA Piper is not the first law firm to suffer a cyber attack, [...]

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Ashley Madison data breach leads to $11.2m settlement

Parent company Ruby Corp will pay 37 million users - report 17/07/2016: The parent [...]

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UK businesses lulled into false sense of cybersecurity, report reveals

Survey shows that 95% of companies trust their perimeter, despite mounting breaches More [...]

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Three million WWE fan accounts exposed online

Unsecured AWS server hosts fans' names, addresses, and birth dates Databases containing the [...]

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Why Colin Powell no longer trusts email

Former US secretary of state was hacked, despite two-factor authentication Email is an [...]

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‘Russische hackers stoppen desinformatie in gelekte documenten’

De Universiteit van Toronto heeft sterke aanwijzingen gevonden dat hackers die de afgelopen tijd in [...]

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Blind Trust in Email Could Cost You Your Home

The process of buying or selling a home can be extremely stressful and [...]

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The GDS asks users to reset their passwords for The Government Digital [...]

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